About Us

Automarketfinance is an independent, privately-owned fee-only investment management firm based in London, United Kingdom since 2008 with offices in USA, Turkey, Russia, Australia and Dubai UAE. We provide an unusual combination of financial planning and investment management experience, the convenience of a full-service financial resource, and the benefits of being an independent firm clearly aligned with our clients’ interests.

Automarketfinance offers long term and short term investment opportunities, The firm started by trading stocks, shares and bonds, it got involved in forex trading in 2010 and was among the pioneer traders of Crypto-currencies in the advent of Bitcoin in 2010.

Automarketfinance is a service-intensive firm. We make every effort to understand each client’s specific needs and tailor our activities accordingly. Clients receive monthly statements from an unaffiliated custodian and have 24/7 online access to investor information through our website. In addition, clients always have direct access to our principals. We meet with clients regularly and respond promptly to inquiries.

We invest client capital in a blend of active and passive investment strategies in an effort to earn positive returns in even the most challenging markets. Passive investments include exchange traded funds (ETFs) and broadly diversified mutual funds which track the performance of various market indices; active investments include more concentrated stock and bond portfolios, managed by investment professionals that have consistently outperformed the market. We use proprietary databases, independent third-party research and our own due diligence to evaluate individual fund managers based on such criteria as performance, turnover, fees and risk profile.

Employing both active and passive investment strategies is only one method we use to reduce overall portfolio volatility. We also mitigate risk by diversifying client investments by asset class (equities, fixed income and cash), investment style (growth, value and blend) and capitalization size (large cap, mid cap, and small cap), balanced with investments in international equities, real estate investment trusts (REITs), commodities, private equity and hedge funds. At Automarketfinance, we believe risk management is just as important as growing capital.